LAB Civils and Roofing specialises in road repairs, normally using asphalt concrete, also referred to as tarmac, bitumen, macadam, blacktop or rolled asphalt. It provides a fast and responsive service to deal with emergency repairs when required.

Potholes are hazardous to pedestrians and can cause serious damage to vehicles, leading to serious injuries and expensive insurance claims. If they are not repaired quickly, the damage will worsen and the cost of fixing the problem will rise.

Changes in the UK’S climate have made the problem worse in recent years and local councils have a backlog of potholes to repair. LAB Civils and Roofing is here to help and has expert teams on standby to carry out quality pothole repairs and patching quickly and efficiently.

LAB Civils and Roofing also offers bitumen surface dressing and can also resurface or repair car parks, playgrounds, paths, drives, commercial yards and other areas needing a safe, quality surface.

As a quality contractor, LAB Civils and Roofing only uses hot asphalt and has its own hot boxes to allow it to deliver a professional finish every time. The alternative, cold fill asphalt, is a cheaper solution that is only really suitable for small repairs and should be avoided for most projects. LAB Civils and Roofing will use cold fill asphalt only as a temporary measure when requested.



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